How do I download to iOS mobile devices?

Downloading your music after purchase from Traxsource on your Apple Device is simple. Since iOS 13, you can do this either from your mobile browser (and save it straight to your iPhone, iPad, Mac)
or with a free Dropbox account.

1. Log in to via your preferred browser. (Safari pictured below)

2. Click the Traxsource logo head (top right) to access your personal user account options.
(also pictured below)

3. Click 'Downloads' from the drop-down list.

4. Click the Blue download button next to the track(s) you want to download.

5. Downloading may begin automatically (or you may be prompted to click to start the download, depending on your browser and personal settings. (Safari pictured below)).

6. After each download is complete, a confirmation 'download arrow' will show (on Safari), clicking this icon will direct you to a new menu, which will list your "Downloads" page.





6. You may also view/play your newly downloaded music on the 'Files' app on your iPhone
(iOS 11 or later).


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