How do I setup my carts?

Organize your music buying the way you want, with custom carts!

1. Click or mouse over your user name on the top right of the home page.
(You must first be logged in)

2. Click "Settings" from the drop down menu.


Here, you can add a new cart, or, rename and remove carts that you have created. 

3. Click "Carts Setup" (from the Settings menu). 

4. Modify cart names by clicking the pencil and paper icon; enter the name for your cart and click the green "Rename cart" button to save. (Trash Cart cannot be renamed)


5. Delete a custom cart by clicking the red X button.

6. Clicking the cart name goes to that cart page.

7. Add New Cart. Click to add a custom cart which will appear under Your Carts. Just name your cart anything you'd like when prompted. You can also make it your default cart if you like.

8. Set a default cart. A solid blue diamond represents the current default cart; which is where items will go when clicking the buy button. Clicking an empty diamond sets the new default cart. custom-cart3.png

(Please Note: The “Multi-Cart” feature, allows 32 separate and fully customizable carts.)

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