Which file format should I choose, AIFF, WAV or MP3?

The decision of what type of file to use really depends on personal preference, storage considerations and budget.

Traxsource WAV & AIFF format files contain uncompressed audio, which are the equivalent to the audio fidelity of a mastered Compact-Disc and sound best on big festival and club systems, but they are much larger in size to that of MP3.

The smaller file size of MP3 files allow for faster downloads and demands less space on media, such as hard drives. However, the compressed format trade off of a smaller file size against a reduction of frequencies.

Our MP3 files are all 320 KPBS, which are the highest bit rate and sound great too but have a smaller size, for example: 5 minutes of WAV or AIFF format audio results in a 50MB file, while the same audio as 320kps MP3 is 11.4 MB.

A 320 MP3 is generally accepted as audibly equal to an uncompressed file, as the frequencies reduced are beyond human perception, but some claim to detect a difference.

TIP: Most Pro DJ's choose AIFF files - as these have all the advantages of WAV sound quality, plus the added benefit of ID3 tags and fully embedded album artwork and meta data, just like that of an MP3.


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