How do I download via Dropbox?

You can now transfer your entire order to your Dropbox!

New to Dropbox? Signup for a free account here:

1. Hove over Traxsource head icon.
2. Click 'Downloads'.browser_downloads_final_700_done.png3. Click 'Send to Dropbox'.Screen_Shot_2022-11-16_at_8.22.03_AM.png
4. Login to your Dropbox account.dropbox_download_2_700.png5. 'Choose location' to transfer your music to Dropbox. ('Saves' folder will be default)dropbox_download_3_final_700_copy.png6. Click the blue 'Save' button.dropbox_download_4_final_700_copy.png7. Dropbox button will first change to dropbox_download_5.png during transfer,

and then dropbox_download_6.png when downloads are complete.

(Once started, we will handle everything. You can even close your browser. Your tracks will appear in your selected Dropbox folder when the transfer is complete.)

More info on Dropbox here:

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