How do I download on my Mobile via Dropbox?

Since our site update in May 2017, you may now download Traxsource purchases to your mobile device (or tablet) via our “Dropbox” integration.

To explain, Traxsource has deeply integrated with the worlds leading free file application called Dropbox.

In essence, once you create a free Dropbox account and install the application on all of your devices, anything you put into “Dropbox” will show up on all of your devices.

You may have noticed on your Downloads page that we now have a “Send to Dropbox” button, this will allow you to link your Dropbox and Traxsource accounts so you can send your purchase to your Dropbox with 1 click. This will then automatically sync with all of your devices including your mobile device.


Here's how to achieve this: (Skip steps 1 & 2 if you already have a Dropbox account)

1 - Create a Dropbox account here:
2 - Install Dropbox App on your devices here:
3 - Login to your Traxsource Account on your mobile's browser.
4 - Visit your Traxsource Downloads Page.
5 - Click on Download to Dropbox Icon, (more info here).
6 - Once completed you will have full access to your music on all of your devices that have the Dropbox App installed.

TIP: Inside the Dropbox application on your device you can choose to “make available offline”, this will make your Traxsource downloads available to you without any internet connection.

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