Why did Traxsource stop listing the record company under “grouping”?

If you are using iTunes (v12.5 onward) for your Traxsource music library you will have noticed that your record label names are no longer showing up in the “grouping” field, due to a change in the field handling from Apple.

Where Did My Label Names Go?

Your record label names can now be found in the “work” field for all tracks added to your library after the iTunes v12.5 update.

How do I fix it?

1. How to locate your label names:

i) Locate the ‘Work’ column in iTunes (v12.5).

ii) Right Click any of the top columns and select ‘Work’ to reveal the column. Label names for newly added tracks will appear here automatically.

2. How to transfer all label names for older tracks from ‘grouping’ to ‘work’ category:

As your track label names will now be located half in ‘work’ (tracks added after the update) and half in ‘grouping’ (tracks added pre-update), you will need to manually perform one simple function in order to merge your labels from the old grouping column to the work column and have all of your label names in one place.

i) Select all previously added tracks (added pre iTunes V12.5 update), with label names in ‘grouping’ column

ii) Right Click highlighted tracks & select “Get Info”


iii) Within the details tab, click the “Use work and movement” box and click ‘OK’.

You will now find your label names located under the ‘work’ column for all tracks.

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