My credit card won't process?

My Credit Card Won't Process?  
All Traxsource credit card approvals and/or denials come directly from your bank/card issuer.   Traxsource does not make any determination in the matter and we simply relay their response back to you.   Typically the best course of action is to contact your bank/card issuer directly and ask them why your purchases are being declined, often they provide toll free numbers on the back of the cards for this purpose. 
From time to time, cards which typically have worked in the past will fail for a number of reasons, please find some of these reasons and what you can do about it below.
1- Incorrect CVV code or expiration date
The most common cause of failures is down to a simple Typo.  If your transaction failed, please consider to carefully re-enter the requested information and try it again.
2- Temporary internet communication error
This issue happens more often then people realize, and is typically cleared up all be itself in a short while.  If your transaction failed, please consider to give it a few minutes and try it again, while carefully re-entering the requested information. 
3- Card is over limit or insufficient funding
Sometimes cards will fail because they are over their limit or if its a debit card, is overdrawn.   If your transaction failed, please consider to look at your available credit limit or account balance, then try it again. 
4- International issue / cross border
Sometimes a banking institution will block Traxsource because they are not sure who we are and that you want to buy from us.  If your transaction failed, please consider to contact your bank and to let them know that you want to purchase from Traxsource.
Finally, if you have communicated with your bank/card issuer and you are still not sure why your card won’t work, please let us know via the contact form link below so we can look into from our side.
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