My Downloader wont work?

Apologies for any trouble you may be experiencing using the Download Manager. The issue you have encountered is a known bug which has a simple work around. In short, you must choose a download location which is inside your Mac’s download folder (or simply directly to your download folder).

Please know, we will always make sure you get your music! 


Please utilize this solution:

1. Launch the Downloader (& Login)
2. Click on the “Settings” Icon (top right hand corner, gear box)
3. Click on “Select Folder” and choose “Download Folder” or create a folder inside the “Downloads Folder”
4. Click the Downloader “Refresh” button (on the top right).
5. Click any of the blue “Download” buttons.

Please note, there are other methods you may use to download which do not require the Download manager, you may learn about them here.


If this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us:

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