Why should I give my phone number to Traxsource?

Adding a recovery phone number to your account adds security to your profile. If you ever lose access, we will use this to verify your account and get you back in. (we will never use it for anything else).

Traxsource is set up so you can update your profile at any time, here’s how:
(Skip steps 1-3 if you are already logged in)

1. Click 'Log In' on the top right of the site.login1.png
2. Enter Email or Username & Password. (Both fields are CaSe-sEnSiTiVe)
3. Click 'Login'.

4. Once logged in, hover over the Traxsource head logo (on mobile, just click).

5. Select "Account Profile" from the drop down menu.

6. Add a recovery telephone # to your profile.


7. Click 'Submit' when you are done.


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