How do I change my username, password, email etc.?

Traxsource is set up so you can update your profile at any time, here’s how:
(Skip steps 1-3 if you are already logged in)

1. Click 'Log In' on the top right of the website.
2. Enter Email or Username & Password (Both fields are CaSe-sEnSiTiVe).
3. Click 'Login'.

. Once logged in, hover over the Traxsource head logo (on mobile, just click).
5. Select "Account Profile" from the drop down menu.

Update your information as needed. (*to keep current password, leave blank)
7. Please take a moment to add a recovery phone # to your profile. If you ever lose access, we will use this to verify your account and get you back in (we will never use it for anything else). ​
8. Click 'Submit' when you are done.

Still having trouble? Contact us at: [email protected]

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