The file I purchased are damaged. (glitches, cut-outs etc)

Sometimes, files are damaged during the download process. Before contacting support, please try this:

1- Delete the bad track(s) from your computer.
2- Clear your internet cache and cookies.
3- Close all open web-browsers.
4- Open a new browser and log in to to download the track(s) again.

Traxsource strives to provide the best service possible. If the problem is still there please let us know via email at:   

Please provide the following information:
1- Your registered Traxsource Username.
2- The name of the track(s).
3- The order date.
4- Please provide as many details as possible (ie, the exact times of glitch or issue within the track).

We will do all that is possible to get the problem resolved ASAP.

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